My professional qualifications

Industrial clerk
Training at Messrs. Groz-Beckert Nadelfabriken (manufacturer of industrial needles),
Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany

Graduate translator
Degree in translation studies in English and French at Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg

Additional subject: the economics of developing countries
Dissertation on the history and terminology of church organ construction

PhD degree (Dr phil.)
Topic of the thesis: virtual forms of teaching and learning at francophone colleges and their
significance for Francophonia

Training at ILS, Hamburg

Learning therapist
Training at KREISEL e.V., Hamburg

Professional experience

Full-time post as a translator at Süddeutsche Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft
(manufacturer of hydraulic presses, today: Schuler Pressen), Waghäusel, Germany

Teacher of business French, business English, and English for social workers at the
universities of applied sciences in Albstadt-Sigmaringen and Karlsruhe and the private
university of applied sciences in Heidelberg (all in Germany)

PR manager for the musical “Der Glöckner von Notre-Dame”
(“The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”).
Client: Artifex entertainment GbR, Heidelberg

Since 1992 I have worked as a freelance translator and language trainer.

I established Atelier de textes when I moved to northern Germany in September 2005.

My clients include:

international charity organisations, companies, associations, universities,
publishing houses, insurance companies, law firms and private individuals.